Is Your Conversation With The MD One-Sided?

USA Today had an article earlier this week called “Doctors Take Decider Role” which is about the fact that patients are often not asked about their opinions.  This is a problem on many fronts.  If you’re not discussing the pros and cons, you are not as likely to buy into the recommended treatment plan leading to lower compliance.

“In the real world, people agree to take drugs, have surgery and undergo tests after a much more one-sided process, new studies show. As a result, researchers say, too many people get care they don’t want or need and miss out on options that make more sense for them.”

In a scary example, the research showed the 69% of men heard the procs of taking a blood test for prostate cancer, but only 18% heard about the downside.  The research also showed that only 41% of patients were asked how they felt about taking blood pressure medications.  But, this obviously varies since 76% were asked to weigh in on their back surgery.

It begs the question of how aware doctors are of patients concerns and priorities.

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