Medicaid Communications

Interested in hearing more about this topic.  You can hear Margot Walthall from my team talking about this on an upcoming webinar.

The Medicaid Communications Lifecycle:  From Onboarding through Redetermination
April 28, 2009 | 1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT

Introducing your Medicaid members to your plan’s benefits as well as their responsibilities is critical to developing a successful member / health plan relationship. Sustaining positive impressions over the course of the member’s eligibility is equally important to retaining Medicaid members.

Silverlink has developed a broad set of communications outreach programs that have yielded strong results for Medicaid and CHIP populations. Join us for this complimentary webinar where we will explore how Silverlink can help you cost-efficiently support:

  • The Medicaid onboarding process with welcome/HRA outreach
  • Targeted messages about health screenings to drive HEDIS results
  • Communications approaches that can reduce health disparities
  • Effective methods for educating members about the redetermination process that can inspire loyalty

Register Here

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