Cosmetic Neurology

Not surprising…students using ADD/ADHD drugs to help them perform better.  Probably not a good thing.  This shows how badly overwhelmed or overstimulated our population is.  We can’t focus on one thing at a time to get it done w/o some drugs.  Could it really be 20% of college students using these drugs?  There is certainly some dependency risks.

From a blog posting on this:

I got most of my Adderall information from a great article in the New Yorker by Margot Talbot titled Brain Gain: The underground world of neuroenhancing drugs. In it, Sean Esteban McCabe, from the University of Michigan’s Substance Abuse Research Center says that at some universities, up to 20% of the population is using these drugs: “White male undergraduates at highly competitive schools—especially in the Northeast—are the most frequent collegiate users of neuro-enhancers.”

Anjan Chatterjee, a neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania , coined the term “cosmetic neurology” to describe the trend of taking drugs to enhance ordinary cognition. He says, “Many sectors of society have winner-take-all conditions in which small advantages produce disproportionate rewards.”

Good cartoon to sum this up.

One Response to “Cosmetic Neurology”

  1. For those who believe what the pharmaceutical industry is telling us about psychotropic drugs please listen to Dr. John Virapen, a former Eli Lilly Executive, on http://www.blogtalkradio/medicalwhistleblower

    You can download the audio tape for free. He will also be appearing on Monday August 3rd at 9 AM Central Time to talk about the drugs used for ADHD.

    His book Side Effects: Death is available as an ebook

    See him on YouTube Video

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