Consumer Preferences

The concept of preference-based marketing has been around for a long-time and continues to become a hotter issue especially in healthcare.  The challenge, of course, is balancing what consumers know they want versus what they actually use.  Ask anyone if they want an automated call, and the immediate answer is no.  People think about those annoying “robo-calls” that use text-to-speech (TTS), have a pause when you pick up the phone, and are not personalized at.

On the flipside, look at the data and outcomes which intelligence, voice-based call systems produce…it’s amazing.  People pick up the phone.  People interact with the technology.  And, the calls are highly personalized.

But, we are at an interesting crossroads about companies beginning to think thru and capture information about you.  Do you want to be called at home or on your mobile phone?  When is it okay to text you?  What communications should come in print versus e-mail?

“Just 32% of marketing decision-makers surveyed in July 2009 said they knew how their customers behaved across channels, and only 37% were aware of consumers’ channel preferences.”  (ExactTarget 2009 Channel Preferences Survey)

The survey also showed changes in channel choice.

Change in preferences

Written format used

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