A Few Adherence Examples of Communications

Express Scripts has been using Consumerology as their framework for member communications.  I hadn’t heard much about what they were doing in the adherence area so I turned to the web.  I found a few things that I thought people might be interested in.  [Google is a wonderful tool.]

Last year, they had talked about the study in California with the power company and the influence that social norms had on power utilization.  They were testing this.  I found a presentation online that shows a cool graphic with some of the messaging.  I’m not really sure if patients will get the concept of medication possession ratio (MPR) so I’m anxiously awaiting the results.

I also found a screenshot of sample adherence report which they’re using in a pilot with Vitality.  [I’ll assume the data is mocked up and not real PHI.]  I really like the report.  I’m still torn on the GlowCaps concept in terms of whether consumers will use them, but they seem to have some good results.  [And, I always try to remember that I’m not the average consumer so my opinion is just my opinion.]

The last thing that I found which was interesting was some FAQs on their auto-refill program.  I remember pushing for this back when I was there, and I could never get the operations people and clinical people to approve it.  This type of program is becoming the norm now for many mail order and retail pharmacies so I’m glad to see they have it in place.

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