Will Paying You To Be Adherent Work?

United Healthcare is launching a new program (Refill and Save) that is a different spin on the value-based designs we’ve typically seen. In a lot of value-based healthcare programs, companies lower copayments (or waive copayments) for patients in certain conditions to drive up adherence. This has been shown to work and improve results by about 10% which is great. [Although less than some of the adherence programs we’ve done at Silverlink.]

In this case, United is paying patients $20 for every refill they fill for certain medications starting with asthma and depression. I’m very interested to see the results. There continues to be no silver bullet for adherence which is a problem which drives $290B in cost per year and results in 100,000 deaths.

“Patients with chronic diseases such as asthma and depression who take their medicines regularly and who comply with prescribed treatments are likely to stay healthier. They not only feel better, they can potentially avoid costly medical problems that could result from delaying appropriate therapy,” said Tim Heady, CEO of UnitedHealth Pharmaceutical Solutions

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