Nice Adherence Summary Graphic

I was doing some research this morning and came across this.  I thought it provided a nice visual summary.

2 Responses to “Nice Adherence Summary Graphic”

  1. For every bundle of patients who just want their doctors to prescribe something they saw on TV, there are few patients who are skeptical of what their doctors prescribed. I think those people instinctively know that there is something wrong with the concept of taking maintenance medication for life.

    I think this chart is misleading, because it implies that non-compliance is always bad. It also implies that what doctor prescribed has net-positive benefit on the patient, which is not always the case. Certainly, increased compliance improves outcome for some conditions, but why are we bundling HIV noncompliance stats with noncompliance of low-risk group who are on maintenance meds?

  2. compliantpatient w/noncompliant mail order pharmacy Reply April 22, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    This is a joke. Notice these surveys make patients look like the bad guy? Notice these surveys never include questions about the reliability of mandatory mail order service and its role in causing noncompliance? Thought not

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