10 Numbers You Need To Know For Mobile Health

I found this great list of statistics yesterday from RxEOB. I won’t repost them all here so you click thru to the original content, but I thought it was very helpful.

23%. Percent of American households who use only a mobile telephone, no land line. Another 15% of homes with landlines report they receive all calls to their mobile device.

32%. Percent of Americans whom have accessed the internet from their mobile phone as of 2009. (19% reported they did it “yesterday”). In total 56% of Americans have accessed the internet via some form or wireless device (e.g., phones, MP3 players, laptop, game consoles).

81%. Percent of physicians will own a smart phone by 2012. Physicians are one of the highest using Smartphone demographics overall.

5,820. The number of health apps that were available for download from the major online Smartphone app stores (as of a report published Q2 2010).

66%. Percent of Americans who are interested in receiving health related emails from their health insurance company… 52% would be open to receiving emails that provide them feedback on their health process.

One Response to “10 Numbers You Need To Know For Mobile Health”

  1. This trend is important to embrace. The “worried well” have an entirely novel arsenal of tools (Medline is freely available for the iPhone) that can influence the conversation with physicians and other providers; patients can do research while waiting in hospital rooms like never before.

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