Some Medicare Survey Data

The Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage has been a great validation for the PBM industry. It has shown the ability of the traditional tools to manage spend and provide an affordable benefit.

With that said, a new survey conducted on behalf of the Medicare Today coalition shows more reinforcing data:

  • 84% of beneficiaries are satisfied with their coverage.
  • 80% said their Part D premiums and co-pays are affordable
  • 94% said that they understand how their plan works and know how to use it
  • 65% said that they don’t feel a need to shop for a new plan during open enrollment
  • Only 20% were aware of the new discounts on brand-name medications that are available when they hit the donut hole next year [If I was pharma, I would make the PDP plans educate consumers on this.]

“The Medicare Part D program continues to defy its doubters,” said Mary R. Grealy, president of the Healthcare Leadership Council and co-chair of Medicare Today. “At its outset, critics said health plans wouldn’t participate in Part D, but today seniors have ample choices of affordable plans. They said the program would cost too much, but the last Medicare trustees report reported costs are 41 percent below initial expectations. And they said seniors would find the program too confusing, but it remains enormously popular.”

One Response to “Some Medicare Survey Data”

  1. Is this true? Because I’m not satisfied with my coverage plan.

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