CVS Adds Mobile Application

Communications continue to evolve.  Mobile health in the form of applications has either crossed the chasm or is crossing the chasm.  I expect in 5 years that most communications in healthcare for people under 45 will start with a mobile application.  It may “escalate” to other modes, but using a secure application on the ubiquitous mobile phone will be a primary starting point to engage them.

Caremark rolled out their mobile application earlier this year.  Now CVS has rolled out there application.  Several other companies have rolled out their applications also.  Humana’s application is out (mobile site).  Another big PBM is piloting their mobile application with one employer right now. 

So, what does the CVS mobile application do:

  • Find nearby CVS/pharmacy locations using the GPS-based store locator with integrated driving directions and maps;
  • Refill prescriptions from a personalized prescription history for pickup at any CVS/pharmacy;
  • Transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy to CVS/pharmacy;
  • Access the Drug Information Center to retrieve critical details about medication management, including instructions for use, dosing information, side effects and relevant safety warnings;
  • View and manage sales circular to create a custom shopping list and identify money-saving deals each week; and
  • Schedule a flu shot at any local CVS/pharmacy location.

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