2010 Rx Benefits Survey (KFF)

This came out a few months ago, and I’ve been carrying it around for a while. (Here’s the summary.)

I read section 9 which is about the prescription drug benefits. A few facts from the report:

  • Almost 3/4 of people have copays (i.e., flat dollar amount) versus co-insurance (i.e., percentage of cost).
  • The average copayments were:
    • $11 first-tier
    • $28 second-tier
    • $49 third-tier
  • For co-insurance, the payments were:
    • 17% first-tier
    • 25% second-tier
    • 38% third-tier
  • 13% of workers had a plan with four or more tiers
  • 5% of workers have plans were the cost sharing is the same regardless of drug chosen

One of the more interesting things I saw is that average copays on first and second tier drugs are going up while the average coinsurance is going down.  Not much but directionally interesting.

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