Pharmacy 2011 – 11 Things To Consider

I pulled together (in Prezentation Zen style) 11 Things to Consider in the Pharmacy industry.  It’s certainly a matter of opinion, but it’s a point of view meant to cause you to think.  I spend a lot time with clients thinking about the industry, and I thought this was a fun way to put some of those thoughts out there. 

I divided these up into two areas:

The Consumer:

  1. Patient Centric approach is critical path. (i.e., create an experience)
  2. Be proactive not reactive. (think Obesity)
  3. Literacy and health disparities need to be addressed. (simple and direct)
  4. People are different…act appropriately. (mass customization)
  5. Genomics are fascinating…but can be confusing. (and healthcare in general is already very confusing)

Business Strategy:

  1. The pharmacist role has to change from refills to outcomes. (see prior post)
  2. Blend high touch and automation in specialty. (they have the same needs about information)
  3. Integrate your physician and consumer strategies. (the HIT focus will make this more pressing)
  4. You need a STAR strategy for your PDP. (hottest topic in Medicare right now)
  5. Mobile is here to stay. (but may not be a business model unto itself)
  6. Social media will change the conversation. (so what are you doing)

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