What’s Your Fitness Personality?

If you don’t read Experience Life magazine from Lifetime Fitness, I would recommend getting it or following them on Twitter. They put out some very interesting articles on expercise and food.

One that I found interesting was about Fitness Personalities. By using the Myers-Briggs test as a framework, Suzanne Brue developed 8 different categories (I’m a white). Given the difficulty of making exercise a lifetime habit for many of us, this could be a helpful framework for understanding what works, what doesn’t work, and with some rationale for why.

Here’s the quick summary:

  • Blues are safety-conscious, and good at creating their own space and concentrating in a gym.
  • Golds are traditional, conservative, and like to share their exercise experiences and results with others.
  • Greens are nature lovers who enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Reds like to live in the moment and compete in team sports.
  • Whites prefer to plan, hate to be rushed and are visionary types who enjoy calm spaces.
  • Saffrons like to express themselves as individuals and are attracted to spontaneous, engaging activities.
  • Purples are routine-oriented and enjoy repetition.
  • Silvers like exercise to be disguised as fun.

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