Online Company Looking For Pharmacy Partner For Customer Acquisition

A friend I met years ago when I looked at the Duane Reade pharmacy kiosk is now at Everyday Health. He recently asked if I new anyone in the pharmacy area (independent, chain, mail, specialty) that might be interested in partnering with them to drive new customer acquisition based on their online content.

I figure there are several people that might be interested. I asked him to write up a brief note and provide some contact information. Here it is for anyone who’s interested.

Everyday Health is online health network that connects more than 27MM monthly users to in-depth medical content for health condition prevention and management, as well as lifestyle content in pregnancy, diet, fitness, and much more. Our network of 25 sites consists of our flagship,, in addition to many well-known health brands such as What to Expect When You’re Expecting, South Beach Diet and Jillian Michaels.

Everyday Health is currently exploring the local health frontier and trying to determine how our organization can better leverage relationships with local doctors, dentists, pharmacies and hospitals. For pharmacies, we’re wondering if there is any value in driving Rx’s to a given storefront and whether there would be economic upside for doing so.

We’d like to connect with people with experience in marketing acquisition of patient Rx’s and/or anyone who can help clarify the above opportunity. Email Dan Wilmer in Everyday Health Business Development at dwilmer at

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