The 2010 Express Scripts Drug Trend Report Is Out

The new report is out.  I haven’t read it yet, but here’s the teaser graphic from the website.

One Response to “The 2010 Express Scripts Drug Trend Report Is Out”

  1. Default-enrollment with easy opt-out is the name of the game. So by default, everyone would be enrolled in step therapy, mail delivery, restrictive retail network, generic, and etc. This was a natural progression of where where things have been heading. Next stop is financial penalties. (a la retail refill allowance)

    One thing I did find interesting is ESRX’s use of various data points (whatever they are) to predict non-adherence behavior and preemptively intervene. Would love to see how sophisticated their system really is on this.

    All in all, good information. I however would not have used the word ‘intent’. Instead, ‘interest’ or ‘strong interest’ is more accurate description of what they were trying to convey. “Intent” implies you’ve made a mental commitment to follow through with an action, but that’s not the same as my answering “Yes” to “Would you switch to mail order to save your employer money?”

    I struggled with their usage of the word intent, because it’s so prevalent throughout the report. But overall, very useful report with a lot of data points.

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