10 Things To Know About Engaging Patients

I just finished reading this publication by the Institute for Health Technology Transformation. Lots of quick nuggets of information summarized here. Let me share a few:

  • 88% of American adults with Internet acces research health information online; 60% say that the information they found influenced a decision (Pew)
  • Top sites (Alexa rankings) are NIH, WebMD, and medicinenet
  • 94% of patients say they at least sometimes forget important things they were told by their MD (Markle Foundation)
  • Only 3% of people have been harmed or know someone that’s been harmed by health information they found online (Pew)

They go on to provide some good usage statistics by age group; data around caregivers; data around who’s trusted and PHRs; and research from AARP and with Dr. Hibbard that shows the impact of engagement on outcomes.

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