The Customer Experience Matters Healthcare Nuggets

Are you focused on the customer experience?  If yes, then you should know who Bruce Temkin is and look at his research.

I follow his research mostly through his blog, and you can find teasers of information on healthcare by what he posts.  I thought I’d pull together a few of those things here:

1. In his loyalty ratings, Walgreens was one of the top 20 companies recommended to friends while Cigna, Aetna, Humana, Anthem, and BS of CA were all in the bottom 20.  [I’m not sure this should surprise us.  I would expect CVS was close to the top with Walgreens.  I’d assume many people don’t “recommend” their insurance companies in general.  I’ll have to try to find out if the PBMs appear on here.]

2. In his forgiveness rankings, retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and RiteAid scored well.  TriCare scored very well.  Medicare and Medicaid had good scores, and Kaiser was the only health plan in the top 70.  [This is a key issue for retention and important in the retailization of healthcare…you will make mistakes so the question is how much good will you have to overcome those mistakes.]

3. In his loyalty rankings, you find out that African Americans are much more loyal to their health plans than Hispanics or Caucasians.  [How does this change your engagement strategy?]

4. Bruce even goes on to quantify the value for different industries.  For healthcare, he estimates that a $1B company could improve it’s topline by $179M / year by improving its customer experience.

5. In his experience ratings, he shares some specifics on health plans (see below):

And, I suggest you read some of his thoughts on changing how we analyze data.  I think his points about “contextual insights” make a lot of sense.

One Response to “The Customer Experience Matters Healthcare Nuggets”

  1. Great post on customer experience, George. Those data points will be helpful for many different applications. The loyalty chart broken out by ethnicity is especially interesting.

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