DAW Rxs Impacts Adherence

5% of the prescriptions analyzed by CVS Caremark in a study were DAW (or Dispense As Written).  Obviously, for SSBs (single-source brands) this doesn’t matter since there isn’t a chemically equivalent generic drug.  But, for MSBs (multi-source brands) this can make a difference since the patient is often required to pay significantly more based on either (a) the drug being on the 3rd tier or (b) the plan design requiring the patient to pay more for “chosing” the brand over the chemically equivalent generic.

I guess one easy answer would be to get rid of DAW, but there are NTI (narrow therapeutic index) drugs where DAW is much more  relevant or the rare consumer who has some allergy to the fillers in the generic. 

So, why does it matter?  It mattes because the researchers found that

“chronically ill patients just starting critical therapies were 50% to 60% less likely to fill prescriptions for expensive brand name drugs” (Drug Benefit News, 4/1/11)

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