Eight Studies To Share With Your Soccer Mom Friends

I was at a swim meet yesterday and started talking about recovery drinks after working out.  I then went on to share a few studies with people.  I can’t promise that this make you “cool”, but you can get a few interesting discussions out of these.

  1. The best recovery drink is chocolate milk.
  2. Use sports drinks as appropriate, but don’t make them a common drink for your kids.
  3. Stretching is over-rated and in some cases not productive.
  4. Just because your kid’s at practice for 2 hours doesn’t mean he exercised for 2 hours (although this doesn’t seem to be true for swimming).
  5. Exercise games are good; let your kid’s play them for exercise.
  6. Make sure your kid gets enough sleep.  Sleep effects both health and decision making capabilities (another article comparing alcohol and lack of sleep).
  7. Cross-training and playing multiple sports may avoid injury at an early age.
  8. Cheerleading is the most dangerous sport for girls, and basketball creates more injuries than any other sport.

One Response to “Eight Studies To Share With Your Soccer Mom Friends”

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    I can name a few things that are step back, but it may be subjective. However, vertical layout shifting caused by the carousel has to be fixed asap.

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