State By State Use of Rxs per Capita, Age, and Gender

(Note: This is retail only data so it’s not comprehensive, but it should be directionally accurate.)

The Kaiser Family Foundation puts out lots of data.  One of their sites shows state by state analysis.  Here is a map of utilization by state. 

As you can see on the site, the top 5 states are (i.e., highest utilizers of prescription drugs):

  • WV
  • KY
  • AL
  • TN
  • MS

The bottom 5 are:

  • AK
  • CO
  • UT
  • NM
  • WA

For age breakdown, the data showed:

  • 0-18 = 3.8 average Rxs
  • 19-64 = 11.3
  • 65+ = 31.1

For gender, the averages were 9.5 Rxs for males and 14.4 Rxs for females. 

Note: All this data is available online at

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