Did You Know PhRMA Has A YouTube Channel?

I just ran across this, and I figured I would share it.  PhRMA is the Pharmaceuticals Research and Manufacturers of America.  They represent they pharma and biotech companies.

Here’s a few of the videos from the site.  One on Part D and one on adherence.

One Response to “Did You Know PhRMA Has A YouTube Channel?”

  1. George, YES we do have a YouTube channel. Thank you for highlighting this. And did you know we’re on facebook, Twitter, flickr and more?

    I would encourage your readers to take a look at some of the latest YouTube videos, including those highlighting medicines in development for a variety of diseases.

    In a week or so we’ll be highlighting the story of the wife and caregiver of a gentleman who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. A compelling story! Hope you’ll take a look.

    In the video you shared, we’re emphasizing the Medicare Part D enrollment period is open. If you’re looking at enrolling or making a change to your plan, you can learn more through watching this video.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Jon Tripp
    http://www.Twitter.com/PhRMA and http://www.Twitter.com/PhRMApress

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