HPV Shots Are Not Just For Girls

HPV (human Papillomavirus) infects 6M people a year.  Based on a chart from USA Today on 10/26/11, the annual cases of HPV-related cancers are:

  • 12,200 Cervical
  • 7,100 Throat / Tongue / Tonsil
  • 4,200 Anal
  • 1,500 Vulvar
  • 500 Vaginal
  • 400 Penile

About a month ago, a federal advisory panel recommended that all 11-12 year old girls AND boys should be routinely vaccinated against HPV.  This requires 3 shots which cost about $100-$130 each.

Based on data from the article, only 44% of girls have received the first shot and only 27% have received all three shots.  Only 1.5% of boys have historically been vaccinated according to the CDC.

You can find out more on the Kaiser site about HPV.  This is an educational issue, a compliance issue, and ultimately there is a need to get people who start the vaccination process to finish the process.

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