Is “Gluten Free” A Diet?

We’ve all seen it over the past few years. More and more foods have the label “gluten free” on them. For the 1% of the population with celiac disease and others with some gluten sensitivity, this is great. But, since only 8-12% of the purchases of these products are made by people with gluten intolerance, what’s the reason for the purchase?

46% of people bought them because they thought they were healthier and 30% bought them to help them manage their weight. And, with this being a $2.6B market, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

The key question is whether this lives up to expectations. It seems the short answer is no.

“If you avoid only gluten, you will likely be getting more calories with few nutrients.” Dr. Stefano Guandalini, founder and director of the Celiac Disease Center (Time Magazine article)

You can see more about the FDA’s proposed labeling on gluten free here.

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