Why Use Facial Recognition Software At The Pharmacy…Retention?

I’m sure this is a little bit out there in terms of some of my ideas, but I like it. While a little Orwellian, I was talking with a retailer the other day about how to maximize the experience at the counter between the patient and the pharmacist. At a small independent pharmacy, the owner (pharmacist) probably knows a lot of this patients (customers) by name. On the other hand, this is a lot harder at the larger chains which are busier and with multiple pharmacists working different shifts.

I was thinking about how technology could address this. What if you had a camera that was monitoring customers as they came in the store (which most probably have today in terms of security cameras)? Could that be augmented by adding facial recognition software (which I have no idea how expensive it is)? Then, the pharmacy could know that George was in the store and tap into a CRM system that could remind Nancy the pharmacist that I have a dog and a fear of needles (for example). When I got to the counter, Nancy could greet me by name and ask about my dog. It would certainly make me feel welcome and should create some stickiness (although maybe less if I knew it was technology enabled).

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