Pharmacy Needs A Neuromarketing Study

I was reading this article in Fast Company about neuromarketing with a focus on the CEO of NeuroFocus. Companies like PepsiCo, Intel, CBS, ESPN, and eBay have used them and many others are trying work in this area. But, I’ve never heard of a healthcare company doing anything in this space. I’ve talked about this before in my article about the book Buyology. It’s fascinating, and the mobile tool that NeuroFocus has created could create new ways of capturing data.

One interesting example he talked about was the expression of a person on a poster (for example). If the expression is too easy to decipher, we simply move on…BUT if it’s hard to decipher, it causes us to pause and think.

He also talks about always putting images on the left hand side of the screen and words on the right. (Seems applicable to direct mail and maybe my next slide presentation.)

Another example is that the brain loves curves not sharp edges.

Given the shifting pharmacy marketplace, I would think this is a study that the industry needs. The PBMs should better understand what the consumer thinks about when they hear the word mail order. Manufacturers should understand the reaction to brand names or copay cards. The retailers should think about how brand equity plays into choice. There are endless opportunities here. (A business opportunity perhaps!)

(They Have Hacked Your Brain by Adam Penenberg)

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