Stressed Out Workers Spend 2X On Healthcare

Are you stressed out? In today’s economy, many people are. Whether it’s being a caregiver, your job, or other concerns (like just paying the bills), have you ever thought about how much that costs you?

According to some data shared by Money Magazine, here are some examples of stress related ailments and their average annual costs:

  • Obesity – $2,600-$4,900
  • Back Pain – $1,300
  • Insomnia – $200-$1,200
  • Hypertension – $1,100
  • Teeth Grinding – $200-$1,100

That’s real money!

Some of their suggestions (other than going on a long vacation):

  1. Take advantage of the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) that your company might offer.
  2. Use the wellness programs that your employer might offer (since 74% of them do offer something).
  3. Go see a therapist and look into CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).
  4. Workout.
  5. Take a break from e-mail (or your smartphone and constant Facebook updates).
  6. Stop multi-tasking.
  7. Meditate.

(Beat Stress For Less by Kate Ashford)

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