Is Prescribing A Trial And Error Process?

I found this chart fascinating.  As we know, drugs don’t always work (and not just because people don’t actually take them).  BUT did you realize in some cases it’s a coin flip of whether a drug will work for you?

Data like this is just more support for the case for personalized medicine.  If a genetic test can help determine which drug will work in a patient, you can address their disease faster, avoid unnecessary side effects, and impact overall healthcare consumption and costs.

The key of course is finding tests that can be administered easily and at a low cost for which the economic benefits exceed the costs.  Of course, addressing the education gap within the physician community and patient community to separate facts from myths is important.

One Response to “Is Prescribing A Trial And Error Process?”

  1. Natural Molecular Testing Canada is making personalized medicine a reality in Canada, one patient at a time. We understand the need and benefit of prescription medications, but they need to be targeted to the right person at the right dose, to maximize their health care benefits and reduce the risks. Test today, results for “life”.

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