Infographic: Improving Primary Care With Pharmacists

This is an infographic on an interesting program out of USC which received money from the CMS innovation fund.

Infographic Expanded Role Of Pharmacists

One Response to “Infographic: Improving Primary Care With Pharmacists”

  1. Mr. Van Antwerp, In total agreement with the Post regarding pharmacist. We operate a PBM in Ohio based on the basic principle of pharmacist as future providers of primary prevention and wellness.

    We submitted a paper to the X-prize foundation based on the same principles. The foundation was looking for business models that would “Reduce Health Care Cost While Simultaneously Improving Health Outcomes”, while simultanously meeting several specific conditions and solving several problems with the existing health care system.

    The business model we presented to the X-Prize was based on using the existing pharmacy infrastructure, high level of Pharmacist training, and existing PBM technology with-in our company. Wellpoint killed the project after papers were submitted.

    I think you would find this paper insightfull regarding your above thoughts.If interested in reading this white paper just me email back with an address to send it to.

    Jim Fields, RPh
    Fields Family Enterprises
    415 S. Main St.
    Waynesville, OH 45068
    Ph: 513.897.1476
    Fax: 513.897.1446
    Toll Free: 866.900.3711


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