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Patient Centric Healthcare

I changed the name of the blog last week. (I am still debating changing the URL since I don’t want to lose too much of the traffic I get today.)  It fits what I want to talk about (with the exception of some of my ramblings about technology, leadership, innovation, etc).

I was trying to describe this concept of patient centric healthcare to someone the other day when I realized that I have a deck I used over the summer that was a perfect fit.  When I was debating moving from a consultant back into a corporate role, I needed to tell people what I wanted to do and how I could help them.  So, I created a slide deck that I used with executives and recruiters.  It worked well.  I trimmed out the “why George” section, but the rest of this is a good summary of how I see the market evolving.

It is also exactly why I joined Silverlink Communications.  We share the same vision and dedication to process excellence.   Their technology already does what I think is critical:

  • Create personalized communications that target patients based on data driven models.
    • Push information
    • Collect information
    • Drive behavior
  • Use dynamic call algorithms that respond to patients words to take them down different paths is key.
  • Using technology to automate processes and augment your human capital based on proven value propositions.

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