If Trust is Important…What Do I Do With This?

I don’t think anyone would argue that trust is one of the most important components of corporate branding especially if you are communicating with consumers.  How do you compel them to act (even if its in their self-interest) if they don’t trust you?

That being said, what does it tell us that the healthcare industry ranks so low in the annual Harris Interactive survey which asks “Do you think <industry> generally do a good or bad job of serving their customers?”  Hospitals do okay with 74% of those surveyed saying yes.  Even drug companies rank okay at 61%.  [Cable is also at 61% and the phone company at 67%.]  Health insurance comes in at 46% with managed care at 41%.  The only lower companies are oil and tobacco companies.  We have to figure out how to fix this if we are going to successfully drive wellness and change healthcare in this country.


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