Health Transformation 2.0

I grabbed this little book off the table at Health 2.0.  I am finally getting around to flipping through it (rather than sleeping).

I can’t figure out if it’s associated with a company.  If yes, they have done a great job of disguising it.  [For what purpose, I don’t know.]  It is very well laid out with great graphics and is called:

Health Transformation 2.0
Can A Better Healthcare Operating System Make Us Healthier?

The author’s name (Scott Danielson) and e-mail are in the cover so I have shot him a note to see if I could add it here as a flash or some other visual.  Here are a few of the comments from the book:

  •  Healthcare 2.0 uses emerging technologies to transform an archaic, disease-treating system into a progressive health-enhancing one.
  • In the past 4 years, healthcare costs have doubled.  Are we twice as healthy?
  • Today, we have the ability to create a set of tools, a healthcare operating system that will help people find and manage information, research and control costs, and get and/or stay healthy.
  • Connected.  Helpful.  Secure.  Organized.  Informed.
  • Personal + Health + Power = Personalized Health Empowerment

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