Are Involved Patients More Compliant?

This is a study from a few years ago from Harris Interactive and BCG that I found on the BioPlus website.  If I am interpreting it right, it would imply that those that are most involved in their healthcare are most likely to be non-compliant.  It doesn’t seem logical, but perhaps those are the people that want to play doctor and are most likely to think they know better.

2 Responses to “Are Involved Patients More Compliant?”

  1. Perhaps those who are more involved in their own healthcare are also more informed about the sad realities of biased drug research and pharmaceutical marketing, and are therefore less trusting of the healthcare industry in general.

  2. Based on your comments, its obvious that you think you know better with respect to trusting others over yourself. These are issued related to your own perceived self efficacy and cognitive perceptions related to locus of control around health issues. It’s not the issue of “playing doctor” for those taking more responsibility for their own health. It’s the recognition that the patient–not the doctor–is the one who has to live with the outcomes of whatever a doctor prescribes. And the statistical fact is doctors are fallible. There is a significant death rate that can be directly linked to medical errors. So, the next time you get in the car to go to the doctor, keep in mind that your risk of dying from a medical error is greater than your risk of dying in a car accident on the way there or on your way back.

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