New Clinical Webinars – HEDIS, Adherence, Engagement

In June, we are offering three complimentary webinars to our clients and prospects on key topics of discussion.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Population Health Program Engagement
June 16th | 1:00 PM ET

Getting consumers to take charge of their healthcare behaviors and choices is critical to controlling costs and improving outcomes. Successfully welcoming and engaging consumers in DM and health management programs can be the toughest road for health plans and population health organizations. Strategies that motivate participatory engagement are key – but it takes more than a friendly voice and the right script.

Join Silverlink for a complimentary webinar where we will discuss the challenges of moving health behaviors and effective strategies organizations can implement to get ahead of the behavior change curve.

In addition, learn how to:

  • Leverage tailored messaging to drive high engagement rates
  • Enable continued engagement over time
  • Maximize buy-in and acceptance of health coaching
  • Combine multichannel approaches to elicit engagement and re-engagement
  • Optimize engagement campaigns through predictive analytics to drive results

Drive Positive Health Behaviors and Improve HEDIS Results

June 23rd | 1:00 PM ET

Whether your focus is on the HEDIS measures for women’s health, the diabetes metrics or a broad range of effectiveness of care measures, Silverlink can design communications strategies that increase your reach, motivate member action and improve HEDIS results.

With the backdrop of the economic slowdown, communicating with members about the importance of key preventive screenings is more critical than ever. Explore the many routes to break through health prevention challenges by tailoring communications interventions that work for your populations.

Join Silverlink for a complimentary webinar where we will present the results and lessons learned over several years in supporting HEDIS screenings including a recent campaign aimed at reducing health disparirities in African American and Hispanic populations related to colorectal cancer screenings.

In addition, learn how to:

  • Use a flexible framework that supports national teams in delivering effective outreach in local markets
  • Drive performance on high-profile HEDIS measures where plan performance has hit a plateau
  • Segment your membership to deliver highly personal messages using multiple levers
  • Design and target messages to help reduce health disparities
  • Combine multiple messages to support members with more than one gap
  • Leverage multichannel campaigns to maximize reach and action

Rethinking Medication Adherence

June 30th | 1:00 PM ET

More than 50% of consumers become nonadherent around their maintenance medications within the first 12 months of therapy. And, today’s economy is putting even more pressure on people to make economic tradeoffs that threaten their health. Several studies have shown that more people are skipping doses or not refilling medications. Non-adherence leads to $177B in direct and indirect costs to the healthcare system per year.

Silverlink provides a comprehensive suite of communications services to drive medication adherence from targeting and messaging to multi-channel campaign management and execution. Join Silverlink where we will discuss some of the common myths around and key strategies related to medication adherence.

In addition, you will learn about:

  • Critical success factors in designing adherence solutions
  • Important conditions to focus on for adherence
  • Success metrics and key measurements
  • Comprehensive solutions for all phases of the patient’s therapy from initiation through long term maintenance

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