Deloitte 2009 Survey of Health Care Consumers

This is based on a Deloitte web-survey of 4,001 Americans in October 2008.

  • 73% are confused about how the US healthcare system works
  • Over 1/2 believe that 50% or more of healthcare dollars are wasted
  • 7 of 8 Americans believe themselves to be in good health
  • 1 in 3 are interested in working with a health “coach” to help them create and stick to a plan
  • 68% are interested in home monitoring devices that would check their condition and send results to their MD
  • 3 in 5 say financial penalties would improve their adherence
  • Only 1 in 3 Rx users say they compared treatment options
  • 22% say they looked or asked for information about a health insurance plan in the last 12 months
  • 9% have a PHR
  • Physicians who are more prescriptive (paternal) were preferred by a ratio of 2:1
  • 8 in 10 say they would consider switching from a physician recommended Rx if a pharmacist (RPh) indicated a cheaper alternative was available
  • Only 12% said they understood the term – biologics (should they?)
  • 35% are willing to accept a smaller provider network for a reduced premium and lower copayments
  • Only 25% favor increasing taxes to help cover the uninsured

Their major conclusions were:

  1. Health care is a consumer market
  2. The health care market is not homogeneous
  3. Cost concerns are changing behaviors
  4. Consumers want holistic care and resources to pursue wellness and healthy living
  5. Consumers embrace innovations that enhance self-care, convenience, personalization, and control of their personal health information

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