Innovation Has To Respect The Past

Cars provide us with some interesting examples of innovation which has had to adapt to fit our norms.

For example, we have keyless cars, but if you notice, several of them have places for you to put the key in.  It’s really just a holder for the key since it doesn’t activate anything, but otherwise, we don’t know what to do with the key once we get in the car.  [This may be more of an issue for me since I use this when I rent cars and don’t have such a car everyday.]

Another example is the silence of hybrid cars.  US lawmakers are considering making manufacturers put sound back into the electric cars so that the visually impared who rely on sound to help them navigate can tell when a car is coming. 

I’m sure there are other examples.

One Response to “Innovation Has To Respect The Past”

  1. Steven F@CVSCMK Reply July 2, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    GVA – Some of these “innovations quirks” are simply poor design methodology resulting from “design by committee”. One of the reasons I believe Apple products are so successful is that there is a single point person that sets the vision and decides on what to include/exclude from the product (Steve Jobs). Hence these are the types of quirks that you will produce with a design by committee approach (which is prevalent in most companies) vs.a design by decree approach – Jobs hates buttons which is why there are so few on apple products.

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