Express Scripts To Grow The “Select” Programs

It looks like the concept of “Select” Home Delivery which has been one of the products to come out of the Consumerology approach at Express Scripts is about to get some cousins such as Select Step Therapy, Select Networks, and Select Specialty.  Obviously, the concept of Active Choice has legs.  (I understand the networks and specialty, but I’m not sure what the step therapy product will look like.)

(Here’s a good article from the Brookings Institute on choice architecture for healthcare enrollment.)

The concept of choice has to do with the decision framework with which options are presented.  Making it active choice typically refers to the requirement of the consumer having to make a decision.  They can’t do nothing.  This doesn’t mean that the company can’t select a default recommendation, but it can’t implement that option without the consumer verifying it.  (See the book Nudge for more details on this concept.)

The example that is often used for choice architecture is enrollment into 401K plans.

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