The 11 Dimensions Of Non-Adherence

I found this nice summary document on MAPS (Medication Adherence Profiling System) which was part of the Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmacy Satisfaction 2009 Medication Adherence Study.  Here are the dimensions and key issues:

  1. Reminder tools to address memory and confusion
  2. Enhance communications to address perceived ineffective communications
  3. Financial assistance to address monetary concerns
  4. Heighten transparency to address distrust of healthcare providers
  5. Promote regimen to address not taking medication as prescribed
  6. Practice discretion to address interpersonal discomfort and social barriers
  7. Empower the patient to address perceived negative consequences
  8. Confront avoidance to address denial and fear
  9. Demonstrate efficacy to address the perception that medication doesn’t work
  10. Allay concerns to address negative attributes of medication
  11. Continue touchpoints to address the lack of belief in the importance of ongoing therapy

The document goes on to give sample strategies and tactics for each dimension.

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