Intel Health Video On Using Smartphones and Facebook For Health

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One Response to “Intel Health Video On Using Smartphones and Facebook For Health”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I was hoping for more substantive experiments using social media and smart phones in promoting healthy behavior. I bet I wasn’t the only person who found her Facebook-access experiment humorous at best. Nevertheless, it’s good to see an attempt being made by entity that’s not a health care company.

    One thing she does have right is that we deeply care about what others think. But a skeptic in me is convinced that trying to reverse obesity using social media and smart phone is like using teaspoon to dry out the sinking Titanic. I know these are two very new spaces and a lot of people are eager to cash in on the trend, but obesity is 99% policy-level issue.

    How frightening are the first two charts?

    What is really sad is, a few key policy changes can quickly reverse this trend. I’m sure you know what those are. But nobody wants to tackle it because obesity is a very profitable business for just about everybody.

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