Increasing Specialty Drug Refill Rates

Adherence is one of the primary topics of discussion today both within pharmacy and (after reform) within other areas of healthcare.  Adherence drives costs.  Adherence impacts productivity.  And, with a few rare exceptions (CBO type budget analysis looking only at fiscal year returns), everyone’s interests are aligned on the value of improving adherence.

For now, let’s skip over the traditional pharmacy market which is rapidly becoming generic. Let’s look at specialty where the average cost is $1,800 per month and can run into the $10,000’s.

So, what if I told you there were simple solutions that could improve your monthly refill rate on your drugs by 20-40%?  What if that also reduced the gaps-in-care and improved patient awareness of their condition?  What if that also incorporated a feedback mechanism to the care team?

How much would that we worth?  What about all that for $2 / month per member?  Much less that copay waivers or many other solutions out there on the market.

Sound interesting…Go learn more at Silverlink.

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