Silverlink eBook: 13 Common Pitfalls In Consumer Health Engagement

After working on consumer communications in healthcare for most of the  past decade, I realized that there were some common pitfalls that happen.  Many of them are pretty straightforward, but when rushed, they may get forgotten.  I worked with Dr. Jan Berger (our Chief Medical Officer) to identify a short list of them, and then the Silverlink marketing team pulled them together in a beautiful eBook

Each of the pitfalls is set up with a quote and a great image:

Then, there is a brief description to explain the pitfall on the page across from it:

What are some of the pitfalls:

  • Not knowing how to declare success
  • Limiting design based on company constraints
  • Forgetting about health literacy
  • Not understanding the entire process
  • Thinking you represent the customer

To get a copy of the entire eBook, you can register online.  [Alternatively, you can e-mail me at gvanantwerp at mac dot com.]


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