IDC On Personalized Medicine

I was reading the IDC Health Insights newsletter this morning where they had an article by Dr. Alan S. Louie on personalized medicine.  While this was a hot topic in the PBM world 12-18 months ago, I’ve heard much less about it lately.  I thought it made sense to share one paragraph from his article here.  I hope that his predictions for delivery of this evidence-based approach to care come true and can be delivered in a cost-effective way to consumers with physician buy-in and understanding about how and when to use this information.

“I believe that the FDA is likely to be significantly marginalized as a major player in the transformation to a more personalized care scenario. While still rigorous in their role as gatekeeper to ensure that drugs are safe and effective, the ability to apply growing genomics, EMR, and CDSS data and knowledge to routine medical treatment is likely to be executed outside of FDA purview. If the FDA decides to lay down the heavy hand and demand that all testing be FDA approved, then all bets are off and medical innovation will be delayed by at least 10 years or more. With payers, clinical laboratories, and others (e.g., PBMs) all buying genomics testing capabilities, it becomes increasingly possible to deliver the latest genomics insights to the point of care and amortized over large patient populations, recognizing that what are probabilities for the individual become real outcomes for portions of patient populations. Net improvements in patient outcomes become real and avoidances of treatment with little or no likelihood of success reduce both wasted efforts and unnecessary adverse drug exposure.”

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