Top 15 Posts From 2011

Based on individual visits, here are the top 15 posts from this past year:

Lipitor Going Generic More stats 11,039
What is a PBM? More stats 4,726
Largest PBMs by Claims Processed More stats 3,970
Medco and United Healthcare – What Will Happen? More stats 2,548
Surgery To Make You Taller More stats 1,764
IBM HC 2015 – Win-Win or Lose-Lose More stats 1,328
Who’s Killing Independent Pharmacy? More stats 1,231
About More stats 1,225
Some Pharmacy Statistics More stats 1,199
Population Change – Good Graphic More stats 1,064
Hoarders – Scary Pictures; Big Health Consequences More stats 972
Walmart: Good or Bad for the PBMs More stats 898
Walgreens and Express Scripts: The Plot Thickens ($ESRX, $WAG) More stats 869
Impact of Rising Health Care Costs More stats 817
New Pharmacy Whitepaper: Innovate Or Be Commoditized More stats 785

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