Retail Pharmacy As The Digital Medical Home

I’m excited to deliver my presentation on the topic about the retail pharmacy as the digital medical home tomorrow at the intersection of three CBI conferences – Point of Care Summit, Retail Strategy Summit, and Strategic Distribution Planning for Specialty Products.  As always, I’m sharing my slides below via SlideShare, and I’ll set up some tweets to give you the cliff note version.

The key here IMHO is that retailers are best positioned to take advantage of this, but the key points are:

  1. Why retail pharmacy?
    • Retail pharmacies have trust from consumers.
    • Easily accessible.
    • Pharmacy is the most used benefit.
  2. What’s the challenge?
    • Successfully engaging the consumer.
    • Integration with the provider so there are process oriented care gaps.
    • Data.
  3. What needs to happen?
    • Focus on the golden moments for engagement.
    • Systemic model for engagement – e.g., Prochaska.
    • Tools and skills to motivate the consumer – e.g., Motivational Interviewing, Incentives.

3 Responses to “Retail Pharmacy As The Digital Medical Home”

  1. Pharmacy leaders need to get behind this new pharmacy business “It’s the difference between one progressive model focusing on outcomes and total healthcare spend, and another older commodities-based model focusing only on drug spend and not the total healthcare cost” Pfizer is already moving in the directions you describe.

    This new business model does shift pharmacy away from commodity distribution as an emphasis for retail pharmacy, but only as an emphasis.

    Pharmacies have the ability to reduce the burden and lighten the load on other primary care services by 25 to 29 percent of the whole care system.

    Though I absolutely agree that clinical data collection should be community based and performed at the POS of the prescription, I disagree that additional POS HIT is needed.
    I have written two papers, one as an X-Prize entrant, on data collection at the point of service using pharmacy retail locations that entails no additional HIT or expense to the health care profession.

    There is existing HIT that every pharmacy presently has that can accommodate the collection, collation and re-distribution of compiled data.
    Independent Pharmacy Must Add PBM styled Technologies to Their Marketing Tool Box; Not just simple MTM software.

    Health payers of the future will be choosing their prescription networks on much more than Rx distribution numbers and Rx cost; rather overall medical cost, “Wellness”, will by far be the overriding consideration when a payer is choosing a health and/or prescription network.


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