Mashing Two of My Posts

I was thinking about Google’s SMS service earlier today (see post on this).  Separately, I was thinking about my post on remembering health information (e.g., drugs, strength, previous lab values).

So I went to one of the Google Health Blogs to suggest the idea.  Unfortunately, the e-mail they list bounces back and you can’t leave comments…strange.  Why not combine the two comments from my earlier blogs was my suggestion?  Obviously, it only appeals to a piece of the population, but I would love to be able to text message my PHR (Personal Health Record) with “Rx name, strength” or “PCP name, phone” or “HCL scores and dates”.  [Look at myPHR, iHealthRecord, ActiveHealth, Microsoft, or Google for PHR solutions.]

It is always so difficult to remember that information, but if I could get it texted to me in a few seconds, it would be great.  I have to believe there is some unique code in my Blackberry that could serve as a unique identifier for security purposes.  Just a thought…

BTW – If you try to find Google blogs on health, you find out there are dozens of Google blogs:

“There’s all this hubub about what Google and Microsoft are doing,” Aetna CEO Ron Williams (pictured) said this afternoon on a visit to Health Blog HQ. “We’re perplexed by the fact that their vaporware gets all this attention and we get very little.” (comment on the WSJ Health Blog)

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  1. WSJ on Texting in Healthcare « Patient Centric Healthcare - November 20, 2007

    […] Mashing Two of My Posts […]

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