New (to me) Blog – Consumer Focused Care

I found a new blog this morning called Consumer-Focused Healthcare written by an ex-McKinsey consultant which seems to have a very similar focus to my blog – “refocusing healthcare on serving consumer needs“.  [As a sidenote, the benefit here of LinkedIn was that I could quickly look him up and see that we have a mutual friend which instantly gives him some validation.]

Vijay has a lot of posts that I liked.  Here are a few exerpts:

  1. “the consumer often pays MORE for a visit to a retail clinic than a physician’s office. The implications are that they really prize the convenience and time taken far over the extra training provided by the physicians.”  In this blog entry, he shared some data about out-of-pocket expenses for clinic visits.
  2. “It is pretty clear that many doctors don’t know how to tell their patients that they have no idea”  In this blog entry, he talks about the inexact aspects of patient advice.  Determining a diagnosis or the right advice is very situational.
  3. “why are people willing to spend $3.50/ pill on sleep meds when they’re discouraged by $10 co-pays to take other, potentially life-saving medication?”  In this entry, he talks about consumerism.
  4. He also points out an assumption from Google that technology will push physicians to spend less time with patients which I think isn’t logical based on the work I did around e-prescribing.  I already put a comment in this blog entry this morning.

And, these are just his most recent entries.  I am interested to flow his blog more.

One Response to “New (to me) Blog – Consumer Focused Care”

  1. Thanks for the endorsement and introducing yourself– its been a pleasure getting to know your blog.

    The shift to consumer control is hitting the healthcare sector as the tooth fairy economic model of comprehensive health insurance begins to break.

    With power, also comes great responsibility, and it’ll be interesting to watch (and help drive) this shift to new business and interaction models.

    I’ll look forward to sharing my view on how healthcare purchasing should occur when we unveil what we’re doing at Health Shoppr in mid-2008.


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