The Best Healthcare Conference

In today’s budget conscious economy, people are constantly evaluating where to spend their time and money from a conference perspective.  Some conferences are good networking events.  Some of requirements to work in an industry.  Some are educational.  Some give you new ideas on how to run your business.  Some are in great fun locations with fun events.  Very few fit all of those.

I think our Silverlink Communications client event called RESULTS2010 does all of those.  [Hint – the conference is called RESULTS since that’s what we focus on with our customers.]  It takes on all the key issues we see in the market.  It brings in industry experts and clients to talk about what they are doing to address these issues.  Those problems are framed out by our industry experts that have line experience with these roles.  [Our leadership team comes from places such as Express Scripts, CVS Caremark, Gorman, and HCSC and our team includes people from McKesson, Humana, United Healthcare, IMS, DigitasHealth, Medco, and WebMD.  I challenge anyone to find a more knowledgeable vendor team.]  It gives people a chance to network and talk to their peers.  And, there’s some fun mixed in there.

This year’s event is focused on THE HEALTH CONSUMER.  I’m pretty sure it’s the only conference focused on communicating with consumers in healthcare.  The objective is to provide clients with ideas about how to educate, support, and motivate consumers to take actions which support health outcomes. 

Honestly, it was the original event that convinced me to come to Silverlink.  I was a consultant at my first event working with the company.  I met 75 users who were passionate about the company and had great first hand experience using the technology to make a difference in their companies.  I was able to ask them about the competition and understand why they choose Silverlink for their member communication partner.

So, what does this year’s event have in store:

  1. An amazing list of external speakers including Mark McClellan, David Wennberg, Don Kemper, Jack Mahoney, and Janice Young.
  2. A long list of client case studies – 14 so far.
  3. Specific tracks to cover our different client groups and allow for smaller discussion versus formal presentations – Pharmacy, Population Health, Medicare, and Managed Care.
  4. Industy experts on key topics such as consumer engagement, use of data in healthcare, consumer data, behavior change models and incentives, pharmacy economics, pharmacogenomics, medicare market dynamics, and the evolving retail healthcare model.
  5. Adherence experts such as Dr. Will Shrank from Harvard and Valerie Fleishman who led the NEHI adherence study that is widely quoted.
  6. Several fun events including golf, morning runs, and a few special sports related surprises.

There are several more speakers who you would know and I’m very excited to have come and speak…BUT, I want to leave something inside the package for you to want to rip it open and learn more.

How much does it cost?  Nothing (as long as you’re a Silverlink client).

Where is it?  Boston (a great city).

How do I learn more?  Well…if you work for a large managed care company, a population health company, or a pharmacy / PBM, you may already be a client.  We have over 80 clients today.  So, if you’re not on our invite list, think you might be a client, and want to learn more, let me know.  I’m at gvanantwerp at silverlink dot com.  [spelling it out avoids spam]

This year’s event is in late May so I hope to see many of you there!

One Response to “The Best Healthcare Conference”

  1. Ingrid Lindberg Reply May 27, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    So sad I missed you guys! I sent one of my team members and she had a wonderful time! Thanks for hosting such an incredible conference!

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