Medicare Patients Save $1.5B on Rxs!!

Now, here’s a great story.  This may be one of the best government success that I’ve heard about in what I think of as a collaboration of the government with multiple businesses.  (Although I think this is a lot more of what HHS is doing these days under Todd Park’s guidance.)

According to USA Today this morning, more than 2.65M Medicare recipients have saved an average of $569 per person this year based on addressing the donut hole with a 50% discount on the brand drugs filled during this time.  And, the average premium for 2012 is actually LOWER than the premium in 2011 (by $0.76 per month). 

The other part of the article is about the potential value of preventative care and leveraging this as part of the Medicare benefit.  The key here is engagement of the participants to help them understand and take action on their healthcare.  The power of the consumer in driving healthcare costs and outcomes is significant which is a topic that I know was discussed by several people today at the mHealth event in DC.

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