Another Good IDC Quote

We have been out talking to the analysts to get their feedback on the market and share some of our new ideas.  I mentioned a good quote a few weeks ago from IDC, but I was even more excited by their publication last week (see 1/2 way through the document).

The story is called “Communications Technologies – the Industry Step Child to the PHR?” and is by Janice Young.

“Amidst the market hoopla last week at HIMSS of Google’s formal entry into the healthcare market with the GoogleHealth PHR were other significant announcements focusing on what may are considered more mundane healthcare initiatives – consumer communication strategies. In particular, Silverlink Communications released two announcements in the past two weeks reflecting the next generation of healthplan investment in communications technologies.”

“The successes and opportunities of new communications tools from Silverlink, Varolii and others are largely unheralded, yet good cost/benefit studies exist. Health plans have found the return on investment and report that automated communications programs improve prescription drug cost management and increase COB information to health plans.”

“Targeted multi-channel communications tools can both improve healthplan costs and quality in the short term and also provide insight into consumer segmentation and behaviors that will be invaluable to managing the emerging consumer communications and information management platform, include PHR deployment and adoption”

Comparing our announcements to that of Google was impressive, and she clearly gets the power of the solution.

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